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    Hello, What repositories do numix-icon-themes come from? It says “local” in the add/remove software program. I can’t find the package on the arch package list or any of the others either. I have been getting about two updates a week, and that seems a little odd.

  • @jippo

    $ pacman -Si numix-icon-theme
    Repository     : antergos    <--
    Name           : numix-icon-theme
    Version        : 0.r1107.361eb3e-1
    Description    : Base icon theme from the Numix project
    Architecture   : any
    URL            : http://numixproject.org/
    Licenses       : GPL3
    Groups         : None
    Provides       : numix-icon-theme
    Depends On     : gnome-icon-theme
    Optional Deps  : None
    Conflicts With : numix-icon-theme
    Replaces       : None
    Download Size  :   3.55 MiB
    Installed Size :  57.53 MiB
    Packager       : Antergos Build Server <[email protected]>
    Build Date     : Fri 04 Sep 2015 20:55:01 MSK
    Validated By   : MD5 Sum  SHA256 Sum  Signature
  • The guys at Numix do not version their icons. Our package tracks their github repo (a new package is built when there are new commits).


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