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    Hello Out There, I just installed antergos today. Been a Linux user for a while now and have never had any problem modifying desktops. I’m a little confused on this one. I’d like to move the Activities button out of the left top corner. I’m left-handed and it’s killing me. Also, I want a one click mouse, and UK keyboard. Am I missing wiki page for morons? Thanks for your help.

  • @stripe What DE are you talking about? In Gnome the Activities button is on the left by default. In Cinnamon I’m not aware of Activities applet existence. Do you mean Accessibility applet in Cinnamon?

  • Hi

    It’s not exactly clear what you’re after. If you’re using Gnome Shell, I don’t know how to move the activities button, but do you want to stop the hot corner going to the overview screen? If this is the case, you should install ‘No top left corner’ extension. This stops the overview screen opening if you accidentally move the mouse cursor off the top left of your screen. To do this go to:


    Note: You need to use Firefox or Gnome Web browser to install extensions direct from this site. Chromium/Chrome/Opera don’t work, you will get an error message to say ‘We cannot detect a running copy of GNOME on this system, so some parts of the interface may be disabled’. Once installed, use Gnome Tweak Tool to activate/deactivate extensions.

    I assume ‘one click mouse’ means using a single click to open files in the file manager? In this case, open Files (Nautilus). Go to the top bar and click on ‘Files’, ‘Preferences’ and ‘Behaviour’, then click on ‘Single click to open items’.

    To set UK keyboard go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Region & Language’. (This is also accessible by Settings/Keyboard/Typing tab, click on ‘Input Sources’ at bottom left of the window). Input Sources are shown at the bottom of the screen. Select any listed source e.g. English (UK) and click on the small keyboard item at bottom right to see detailed keyboard layout. Click on ‘+’ to add another layout. Note: you may need to drag down the bottom edge of the box that opens to see options. Click on ‘English’ to get keyboard options.

    For general help on Gnome Shell:
    Gnome Shell overview and keyboard shortcuts see:

    The ArchWiki, as usual, contains more detailed information and instructions for Gnome Shell at:

    Hope this answers your queries, if not please come back with more details e.g. which desktop environment you’re using

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