• differans kde & gnome?

    I have a fresh Antergos whith Gnome and installed plasma by instruktions here it went fine but I think it behaves kind of nervus it´s working but not as calm and steady like the gnome the img kind of flicker now and then ex starting a browser or someting is there diffrent videodrivers or what

  • It’s been a while since I used KDE (I’m now on Gnome), but you should be able to make it more responsive by tweaking some settings:

    In System Settings > Application Appearance > Style > Fine Tuning, choose “Low display resolution and Low CPU” (or “High display resolution and Low CPU”).

    In Desktop Effects, you can disable those effects that seem too heavy on your system, in particular “Blur” and “Translucency”.

    In Advanced, you can change the compositor: “Xrender” uses the CPU for graphics (useful for older graphic cards or lack of stable drivers); try OpenGL first, then Xrender, and choose the one that works better. If you want to make window rendering even quicker, you can also change the scaling method to Crisp.

    Finally in Desktop Search disable all of KDE’s indexing systems (Nepomuk, Strigi…)

    Hope this helps.

  • thanks for the advise knightfall

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