• Gnome 3 Icons 'suspend', 'shutdown' and 'settings' dissappear after locking the system once

    Hello everybody,
    my system is Antergos 64-bit with Gnome 3 as the user interface and full system encryption.
    After locking my system once the three icons ‘suspend’, ‘shutdown’ and ‘settings’ disappear in the menu in the top-righthand corner (where you also to adjust volume, (W)LAN, etc.).

    My question is: How do I make it that they do not disappear? :-)

    Thanks for reading and greetings,

  • i have same problem too.(no reason,it just disapeard him self)
    I’m using antergos 32bit with gnome3
    reboot will fix it.But there’s no ‘‘shutdown’’ botton eather…😅
    (super sorry about my wierd english😭 )
    Hope somone can help us !

  • And I lost the “suspend” button …

  • +1 for this one. I have to sudo shutdown -h now to power off

  • Same problem here, menu does show up after ctrl+alt+del though.

  • I have also been experiencing this issue on both my laptop and desktop since install. Restarting gnome fixes the problem.
    Alt+F2 ; and enter r.
    Only a minor inconvenience and something that I am happy to live with.

  • hey guys! I found a way to fix it!

    Use gnome-tweak-tool to activate an extension called “Status menu bottons” Try it!!!

    (sorry,bad english)

  • @William-Lin Could you be so kind to provide a direct link to the extension’s page on Gnome’s site ? Can’t find it there, and it is disabled (greyed out) in gnome-tweak-tool.

    Seems like it’s not updated (not available) yet for Gnome 3.18. Are you using this version?

    $ gnome-shell --version
    GNOME Shell 3.18.1

    Thank you.

  • Here is the link, I think Though you will probaby have to install from source here

    Then navigate to

    /.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/[email protected]/metadata.json

    and add 3.18 to the list of versions then restart gnome with Alt+F2 then typing “r” and pressing Enter. (After activating the extension with gnome-tweak-tool)

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