• How to intall additional desktop environments

    Hi everyone

    I installing Antergos with the Gnome desktop and would like to know how to install another desktop like KDE.


  • For Plasma (Kde5) it’s sudo pacman -S plasma There’s a group in the arch repo for it: https://www.archlinux.org/groups/x86_64/plasma/

    I can’t find a group for kde4, and it’s already being phased out.

  • Thanks Wyn. Worked like a charm. 😄

  • If I do the same will it be easy to switch between the desktops?

  • @iwar

    Yup, just select the desktop environment when logging in 👍 .

  • If you want the KDE applications, you can either add them one at a time, or just add the metagroup kde-applications.

    yaourt -S kde-applications

    grabs all of them.

    Otherwise pick and choose.

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