• Keyboard Issue 2 (gtk3)

    @karasu said:

    Ups, sorry, no, it’s not that file!

    Its in the /home/user/.config/openbox (replace user for your username and note the starting dot in .config) directory, and the file is called autostart.

    Something like /home/snoken/.config/openbox/autostart

    That file starts all your programs (it’s run by openbox-session).

    Just add the line at the end and do not forget the trailing &
    setxkbmap se &

    Sorry for the confusion.

    link text

    Exactly the same problem here, but with Gnome 316.
    Input Sources at R&L, Keyboard in Settings, cannot see “pt”
    [setxkbmap pt] do the trick only for current session

  • @4ant Only two questions:

    1. Is at least one of “pt” locales uncommented in /etc/locale.gen ?
    2. If yes, have you run sudo locale-gen after that?
  • Yes Just. Both.

  • @4ant OK. Can you please run sudo locale-gen again, and post its output back here? It is completely safe to run the command at any time. The output looks like

    $ sudo locale-gen
    [sudo] password for just: *********
    Generating locales...
      en_IE.UTF-8... done
      en_US.UTF-8... done
      fi_FI.UTF-8... done
      it_IT.UTF-8... done
      ru_RU.UTF-8... done
    Generation complete.
  • @just
    Generating locales…
    en_GB.UTF-8… done
    pt_PT.ISO-8859-1… done
    [email protected]… done
    Generation complete.

  • @4ant Hmm. That is strange.

    Do you click on three vertical dots button at the bottom?


    When you click there, another window is opened, with more available input sources - those uncommented in /etc/locale.gen:


  • Yes I did, but no locales were shown in it.
    Just as a side note. During install I setted keyboard to be Portuguese, though it didn’t work in the installed Antergos

  • @4ant said:

    …During install I setted keyboard to be Portuguese, though it didn’t work in the installed Antergos

    That doesn’t matter. Locale(s) generation in Arch works independently from an installer.

    Whenever possible, I’d recommend to use UTF-8 locales. Try to uncomment one of these two (or both), and re-run sudo locale-gen . Or, better yet, switch to root account, and run locale-gen as root:

    $ su
    # locale-gen
    # ...
    # exit
    pt_BR.UTF-8 UTF-8    <--
    #pt_BR ISO-8859-1
    pt_PT.UTF-8 UTF-8    <--
    #pt_PT ISO-8859-1
    #[email protected] ISO-8859-15

    One last (stupid) thing. Though it may not seem so, the window with input sources list may be enlarged. Try to do it - maybe you simply don’t see the full list?


  • Fantastic Just. That was it! 😆
    So, I uncommented pt_PT.UTF-8, did locale-gen.
    After that, pt and other locales were shown in the “Add an Input Source”.
    Then loged out, back in. Still ok. Rebooted, OK!
    This was the last detail stopping me to ran Antergos as my main OS. Now, let’s enjoy it. Thank you a very much. In the meanwhile, I learned a lot about Antergos/Arch locales.

    Screenshot from 2015-08-29 18-28-33.png Screenshot from 2015-08-29 18-28-20.png Screenshot from 2015-08-29 18-27-59.png

  • @4ant said:

    Fantastic Just. That was it! 😆

    Great! Glad you’ve done it. Enjoy Antergos!

    Could you mark the topic as Solved, please?

  • Very very good. Thanks again!

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