• Errno 5: Input/Output Error | Reboot into no such partition


    Everything was going fine in my installation for 10-20 minutes, but then around (120/823) files in, I got an error message saying “Errno 5: Input/Output error”

    I then rebooted (nothing would open after that) without the livecd, and was greeted by grub recovery. Error: No Such Partition
    This is my 3rd time trying to do the install, but I’m not sure what I should do. I can’t boot into windows, and I can’t get Antergos to install properly. So I’m kind of stuck on the livecd at the moment, not sure what I can do. I’ll edit the post soon with logs (if I can get them)
    Just wanted to go ahead and make the post and see if there is any obvious answers.
    Oh, and I’ve tried searching around google but I found nothing helpful. Just stuff about how I might not be partitioned properly. I have / mounted on an 18 GB partition and /boot/efi on a 500 mb partition (I read that it was really small)

    So I’m not exactly sure where I should go from here. Like I said I’l edit with logs soon

    EDIT2: Just crashed in the middle of the installation. I’m about to redownload a different distro soon if this doesnt work
    EDIT3: Got Errno: 5 again. Sorry, but this installer is just why too buggy to be usable.

  • @Neurovi

    Can you post the cnchi log? it’s in /tmp/cnchi.log. It’ll show why the install is failing and how to fix it.

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