• How to Upgrade from KDE Plasma 5.3.2 / Qt 5.5.0 to KDE Plasma 5.4

    Hi all. I upgraded to plasma 5.3.2 via -S plasma-meta and -Syu.
    How would I go about upgrading to Plasma 5.4?
    Thank you…

  • Well, I’ve tried all I could, so am busy downloading Manjaro kde-next which is a “test preview” of KDE Plasma 5.4!! I changed from manjaro this week to try antergos - console install, and from there upgraded to Plasma 5, but can’t seem to progress beyond this point, so will rather try a distribution which has it already built-in :-)…

  • @theappy

    Manjaro does not use the Arch repo’s. Antergos does.

    5.4 is in the testing repo: https://www.archlinux.org/packages/testing/x86_64/plasma-desktop/

  • @Wyn Thank you Wyn!
    I just downloaded majaro and was about to wipe my install…I tried the Multi-Test not the normal Test Repo…I will give it a shot though.
    Thank you for the feedback and link.
    Have you tried it yet?

  • @theappy

    I’d rather wait for it to come out of testing. From what I’ve seen I’m not a fan of fullscreen dashboard, glad it’s a choice though.

  • @Wyn Jip, tend to agree with you though! Well, one doesn’t learn without trying, fortunately can always clean install without risk when using partitions .

  • @theappy

    I see the main plasma package is marked outdated. It won’t take long at all for 5.4 to come out.

  • Awesome, and thank you again for pointing me in the right direction.
    Will mark this as resolved now.

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