• Mobile Broadband in KDE

    Some days ago it happened to me to be in a location, where Mobile Broadband was the only available Internet connection type. The good old Huawei E173 usb modem is always with me when I’m on the go.

    There was no problem to define, configure and use a new Mobile Broadband connection in Antergos-Mate, -Cinnamon, -Gnome. But it was absolutely impossible to do it in Antergos-Kde. So for one week I was connecting to Internet and upgrading Mate, Cinnamon, Gnome only. Without Internet connection, Kde was remaining more dead than alive.

    Kde recognizes the modem. Network Manager allows to start defining a new Mobile Broadband connection. But after clicking OK button in the window with modem’s make and model, the window closes and turns back to main Network Manager window. Instead, it had to open a window with the list of countries, followed by another one, with mobile providers list, operating in the selected country.

    After turning back to my main location, with Internet connection of another type, I found what causes the problem. For some reason, my Antergos-Kde didn’t have installed two packages, needed to define and use Mobile Broadband connections:

    1. nm-connection-editor
    2. mobile-broadband-provider-info

    The two were present in Mate, Cinnamon, Gnome, and were missing in Kde. After installing them in Kde (using another connection type), it became immediately possible to define and use Mobile Broadband in Kde without a problem.

    So, if you’re planning to go to some place, where Mobile Broadband will be the only available Internet connection type, check first that two packages are installed, and you’ll never had a problem with Mobile Broadband connectivity in Anetrgos. Actually, it’s enough to install by hand nm-connection-editor package only. Another one, mobile-broadband-provider-info will be installed by dependency.

    Have a nice trip, and bon voyage 😄 !

  • Thanks for the info ! 👍

  • Cnchi 0.12 will install nm-connection-editor specifically. Thanks!

  • @just very good info 👍

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