• I am giving up. :-(

    And again an installation is impossible. :-(
    Tried many things like “reflector”, “keyring”, “mirrorlists” and so on but Antergos is uninstallable…again.
    Even pure Arch is easier to install than Antergos. So sad…
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  • @Wehomir have you tried unchecking all the antergos options?

    you could always post the log and we can see what is happening.

    are you waiting for cnchi to update?

  • you could always post the log and we can see what is happening.

    Please, without the log is impossible to help you

  • @karasu said:

    Please, without the log is impossible to help you

    Log is in /tmp/cnchi.log.

  • Good morning! :)
    Okay, I will try this “unchecking options”-thing later when I am back home and I will check out the logs.
    Cnchi is really the only reason why Antergos is not on top of the list at Distrowatch:
    A beautiful distro with a rocky start - too hard for non-pros.
    (IMHO - I am using Linux since 1997 😉 )

  • @Wehomir

    Cnchi literally just went through a overhaul last week 👍 . http://antergos.com/blog/say-hello-to-cnchi-v0-10-the-latest-and-greatest-version-of-our-installer/

    I’m betting my money it’s a package name that’s been changed and needs to get updated. We await the log :).

  • Okay, here is my report:
    Finally I installed Antergos with “options unchecked” but I also needed here two tries.
    The first installation stopped at 91% when it hardly tried to download the file “hplib 3.15.7”.
    But when I tried a second time the installation ended successfully.
    Okay, many important software was missing (Firefox, LibreOffice, Cups) but okay I just installed it by myself.
    (Btw: hplib was finally ignored by Antergos which is okay for me.)

    Antergos maybe seems to have a little problem with its mirrors I think.
    Maybe you should think about the “live-installation-design”.
    Antergos is too beautiful to suffering simple installation issues.

    Yes…I am a donating fan. Cheers. - Sorry for my English!

  • @Wehomir glad to hear you got it working and didnt give up ;)

    the installer is still a work in progress but keeps getting better and better. the live install probably isnt going anywhere. antergos is trying to stay as close to Arch as possible. not to mention 6 desktops i think? what a pain to keep releasing that many different Isos.

    welcome to Antergos :)

  • I can confirm, that the installer has problems during installation, which ended up in frustration. I recommended Antergos to two friends of mine and both could not complete multiple installation tries. It was not possible to install Antergos.

    @Wehomir said:

    Antergos maybe seems to have a little problem with its mirrors I think.
    Maybe you should think about the “live-installation-design”.

    I also think, that an offline installation is required. I don’t see sense to download the newest packages for installation. A tested / working offline installation medium is better I think. Downloading newest packages during installation should be optional.

  • @megaman said:
    not to mention 6 desktops i think?

    That is the real problem of Linux at all. Every distro wants to distribute every DE. I think focussing just on one DE, polishing it - making it even better, would be a better way. Antergos is strong in doing Gnome3, maybe the only real beautiful Gnome3 desktop at the moment. When someone does everything, he doesn´t do everything in perfection.

  • I would add that I had several random failures during install attempts. It tended to come good on a retry, but maybe I was somewhat lucky!

    I’m still trying to get a KDE install complete though. 3rd time no luck.
    Looking at the log (finally) I find this:
    [ERROR] - metalink.py : 124 : create | Can’t find these packages: kdebase-dophin
    (I’ll raise a separate thread)

    I am guessing this is the ‘package names changing’ problem I read about here somewhere…

    Re comments from @Wehomir - I was VERY HAPPY to see the check-box options for major software, and I am very happy to be able to simply skip Firefox and LibreOffice if I might want Chromium and no Office. It infuriates me that almost every distro installs weighty stuff that I might not want.
    All I want is a distro that has:

    1. An easy and robust installer.
    2. A beautiful, functional and not-too-resource-hungry or slow desktop GUI
    3. No unnecessary software, but a simple way to find and install the extra software I want.

    I can’t believe how few distros are like that.
    I moved to Arch because of 3rd point - Most distros come with crap I don’t want. Antergos seems to improve on the other two without sacrificing the 3rd.

    Keep up the good work! But yeah, the install needs to be robust…

  • @BuZZ-dEE @peterg4000
    Since this topic wasn’t really resolved (And I assume kde is the culprit)…I would suggest both of you to try cnchi off the github, it includes updates to fix the kde packages.


    sudo pacman -S git
    sudo rm -rf /usr/share/cnchi
    git clone https://github.com/Antergos/cnchi --depth=1
    cd cnchi

    The installer uses the same methods to install every desktop, the only difference is what de packages to install and post install theme 👍 .

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