• Locking screen ,hibernate and suspend does not work properly in Antegros.

    I can’t lock my screen or hibrernate properly with the Nvidia driver 355 on Antergos.The lock screen button in the Whisker Menu doesn’t do anything so I used the dm-tool lock command but it didn’t lock it properly and the only thing I got was a white screen with my mouse pointer showing.Using Suspend and Hibernate shows me this also. So I’m assuming that this is a bug and I would appreciate it greatly if someone were to able to fix this.This also seems to be a problem with lightdm-webkit2-greeter as lightdm-gtk-greeter worked properly for me when locking my screen.

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  • Hi,

    Are you saying that with your current configuration, lightdm-gtk-greeter works without any problems? (I mean now, not some days ago, it’s just to be sure).

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  • @karasu With Lightdm-gtk-greeter when I suspend or lock my screen or hibernate my computer the resolution of the login manager decreases to what I presume to be 800X600 when it should be 1920x1080.Other than that issue it works properly compared to lightdm-webkit2-greeter not working at all.

  • @karasu Is it possible to fix this karasu?

  • Hi,

    I’d have to check the ligthdm-webkit2-greeter code, and I really have a long todo list atm… If you are using Gnome, maybe it would be easier for you to install GDM.

  • @karasu I would appreciate though if you were to be able to protiorize this over the other things in your long todo list as this is a urgent bug due to the default login manager being half broken and also because I can’t install GDM due to me using Xfce at the moment.

  • @karasu I managed to get this log file from lightdm called x-1-greeter.log. In the file it said this:
    Xlib: extension “GLX” missing on display “:1”.
    Xlib: extension “GLX” missing on display “:1”*.
    Xlib: extension “GLX” missing on display “:1”.

    (lightdm-webkit2-greeter:992): Gdk-WARNING : lightdm-webkit2-greeter: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :1.

    I’m assuming this should help you to debug the bug properly and help you to fix it soon.Due note however that I’m using a desktop computer so this bug is unrelated to Optimus or Bumblebee.

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