• Introduction and Thanks

    Hi everyone.
    I’m new to Antergos and learning.
    So far, I had one minor question and it was answered within 5 hours without any negative attitude about newbies. Thanks for that.

    I looked at Arch last year but after lurking on the forums and seeing the bad attitude of the responders to questions, decided to stay with Linux Mint.
    I got interested in Archbang when Crunchbang folded. I liked the Live CD but did not get the install to actually work.
    After 3 installation attempts , Antergos installed and away we go. I have plenty to learn but since I’m now retired, I have the time.to play. I heard good things about Antergos so I thought that I would give it a try. Looks like I’ll stay for awhile.

    This Dell D630 is one of two “play” linux laptops.
    I distro hop all over the place as each Linux Format magazine comes out with 2 to 4 distros per issue on DVD, as well as trying various downloaded distros.

    I use Linux Mint, currently 17 as my main linux distro.
    Win 7 is on another machine for the few things that require Windows.
    I hated Win 8 / 8.1 and don’t know if I’ll try Win 10 any time soon.
    elementary is on my internet / card playing laptop
    while Vector linux is on my netbook that I use on trips due to it’s small size / weight.

    Anyway, that’s me.
    Keep up the good work.

  • We’re all in this together 👍 .

  • Welcome! 😄

  • I just uninstalled my windows 10 and replaced it with antergos, believe me antergos is beautiful and lightweight you can you do anything with it much better than windows.

  • @jotol said:

    I just uninstalled my windows 10 and replaced it with antergos,…


    You’ll never regret.

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