• [solved] Totem GStreamer error

    Yesterday I reinstalled Antergos Cinnamon edition and I have encountered playback problem with totem. Whenever I want to skip to another timeframe on any kind of video (.mkv, .avi and .mp4) the following error appears :
    GStreamer has encountered a general stream error
    I don’t have this kind of problem on other machines who use VLC by default. I believe that most of you wil guide me to install VLC, but VLC comes with QT4 and I want to keep my system clean, so if anyone has any suggestions on alternate players, please be GTK based.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Hi,

    Just for testing, could you uninstall gstreamer-vaapi? Helps?

  • @karasu is the man! It works like a charm on all the videos I could test.

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