• how do i completely remove the plasma 5 desktop

    I have found plenty of information on installing plasma 5 but can not figure out how to completely remove it.
    So will it be sudo pacman -Rc plasma? I want to make sure I get all of it.
    I am not removing it because it is bad or anything, it is just the way I learn stuff.
    After plasma is removed I want to install Mate and test it out and try to install the wacom control panel from Cinnamon.
    Is that possible?

  • sudo pacman -Rcns plasma will remove all the essentials and the config files.

    konsole, dolphin, bluedevil, kate and gwenview aren’t included as an essential, so you have to remove those yourself.

    sudo pacman -Rcns konsole dolphin bluedevil kate gwenview

    They may be some more leftovers, but it should be easy to pick it out considering all of them have now been removed. Use pamac to help you out.

    A good start for mate would be installing the group sudo pacman -S mate (https://www.archlinux.org/groups/x86_64/mate/) and the installer list to help you out.

    Since I don’t use mate that’s as far I can go.

  • Thanks
    I just did a clean fresh installed with Mate.
    Might test out Cinnamon or Xfce in a few days.

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