• Installation problem: Failed to find cpu0 device node

    I just tried to install Antergos via the new cnchi 0.10. As soon as I start Antergos it says "Failed to find cpu0 device node. After that, just a blank black page.

  • @Giuliano Do you by chance see a few messages below that something about “Can not mount” “waiting 30 seconds” and then defaulting to a “rootfs” terminal?

    IF SO (I hate to mention other distros here… really for me it was just an installer but … anyway thats not the point) that happened to me just yesterday and I did have to hunt around and on a certain other forum, I found a suggestion to UNPLUG the computer for (example) 10 minutes and try again … it DID happen to me with an antergos ISO and another ISO (both on the same pc…after doing this, BOTH Antergos and this other installer for a distro booted up live just fine.

    it COULD also be a bad download, i suppose, but I do remember seeing the “cpu0 device node” error at the top of the list of a few different errors yesterday.

  • hey guys - for me it been it hit and miss for me for the first time i install - my laptop is going to be next that i install but i am really leary of it because as i found out this iso needs the ethernet to run correctly not wifi

  • @bluzeo said:

    …as i found out this iso needs the ethernet to run correctly not wifi

    Hmm. What ISO are you referring to, exactly? Can you post a link to it?

    There’s no Ethernet connections (cables) here. Only Wi-Fi. All Antergos ISOs I can remember of (in the last two-three years) install perfectly on Wi-Fi only, without Ethernet.

    That depends on the network controller used by the computer, though. Broadcom may refuse to work well,

    The network controller in use may be verified with

    $ lspci | grep -i "Network Controller"
    04:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9462 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)
  • this was for me - i dont remmber the iso number… i had to do to iso one last month and this month - i cant remmeber whitch one i use because i gorgot to label- but the wired was faster then wifi for me- this install took me 45 nins where the other install i tried over the wofi was 2 hrs…

  • @bluzeo Oh, I see. Well, Wi-Fi may be slower than Ethernet, but I think that Antergos installation times mainly depend on the mirrors state at the moment of the installation.

    The recent Cnchi 0.12+ does the excellent job now. Before starting packages download, it ranks mirrors - searches for the best, fastest mirrors, for your specific computer and for your current specific geographical location.

    Recently, all installations take about 20-25 min to complete here, on Wi-Fi.

  • well i am going to try it after this video that i am watching on youtube and install it- i need this work for my laptop- i am tired of what it is on my laptop at this monet and like this os but install time is what keeps me away

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