• Now i can't install antergos to my drive

    I get this error every time. and cannot install antergos. I did the dd command to sync the iso to USB and the first time it installed no problems. I installed KDE4. Now its not installing. I used UEFI but the ageros grub is still in boot so not sure if that why it wont install. very confused right now and frustrated please help me out to fix this

    Screenshot from 2015-08-24 02-17-22.png

    Thank you

  • Could you post the cnchi log? It’s in /tmp/cnchi.log. It’ll help find the issue.

    Thanks :)

  • @Wyn Here u go 😃

    [cnchi.log](uploading 100%)

  • i don’t think u got that did u

  • @growlinwolf

    Didn’t upload correctly for some reason.

    Could you paste the log in a post and wrap it with code tags?

    Use ``` before and after the log on there own lines.

  • Its too long wont go in

  • @growlinwolf

    Ah, I fixed that earlier today, must not be pushed yet.

    Here’s how to fix, in terminal…

    sudo pacman -S git
    sudo rm -rf /usr/share/cnchi
    git clone https://github.com/Antergos/cnchi --depth=1
    cd cnchi

    Enjoy :)

  • @Wyn aah u got same problem how come it did that if u can explain. Than u for your help greatly appreciated :D

  • @growlinwolf

    On line 425 in your pastebin link, kdebase-dolphin was renamed to dolphin in the arch packages. It wasn’t really an error, it was an out of date issue.

    kdebase-dolphin shows as a conflict on the dolphin page now: https://www.archlinux.org/packages/extra/x86_64/dolphin/

    The program is still Dolphin, just a new name for the arch package.

  • @Wyn
    Now its saying its already opened . but its not

  • @growlinwolf

    Did you do a restart before doing the commands? One must be done since the harddrives are already mounted.

  • @Wyn yes i did it still didn’t work. The installer need to be fixed. I get an error also after i’m done parttioning. I just went ahead and installed cinnamon. I don’t want it tho i want kde4 how can i get it

  • @Wyn I managed to get Cinnamon on but i want kde4 how do i get it. plus i think there’s something wrong with the install. I did get an error for a partitoning but it was right so not sure why it came up. I’m a little bit lost when u say restart. I’m in live USB UEFI. so if i restart it will be how it was before right.

    Also how do i remove the grub boot for antergos in my boot menu

    Thank you

  • @growlinwolf

    I get an error also after i’m done parttioning.

    Restarting the system is needed so that issue doesn’t happen if you fail the install. (Power icon top right, click and select restart)

    The grub theme package is grub2-theme-antergos. Remove with sudo pacman -Rsn grub2-theme-antergos

    If Grub2 itself shows in the uninstall process use -R instead.


    sudo pacman -S kdebase-workspace konsole dolphin

    The first one is kde4, the second is a terminal and third is file manager: the essentials.

  • @Wyn this command did not work.
    sudo pacman -Rsn grub2-theme-antergos
    I did it in Live USB antergos

    grub is still in the boot after i remove and uninstall atergos

    I want the KDE4 from atergos. wont this get the regualor KDE
    sudo pacman -S kdebase-workspace konsole dolphin

    I uninstalled cinnamon trying again to get KDE from antergos

  • @Wyn
    Well even with the commands u gave me KDE4 still wont install

    Here’s the file again http://pastebin.com/asii5H0a

  • @growlinwolf

    I submitted a pull request to fix the kde issue.


    Did you go into the grub config to change the theme back to the default?

    sudo nano /etc/default/grub

    Find GRUB_THEME= and change the whole line with GRUB_THEME="/usr/share/grub/themes/starfield/theme.txt"

    Starfield is the default theme.

    After changing that line save and close, then regenerate the grub… sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

  • @Wyn

    Thank you very much for your help. Is there way to fix the kde packege from antergos with there icon logo if i install a another enviermint . Is there a way to install it from there. INTIL THEY GET THE ISO INSTALL FIXED 😢 THey must have just updated something to from arch or something cuz it worked the very first time i installed the other day.

    The grub issue i don’t think u understand me correct. Theme that’s not what i mean

    I mean this

    The boot device when i press F11 key i see still


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