• Installed KDE4 in UEFI. How to delete UEFI grub in boot

    I installed antergos just fine on my drive in UEFI. But I’m having some problems now i crashed it and need to reinstall it. But i get an error every time When trying to install it again. I think its becuase of the antergos UEFI grub still in boot when i hit F11. How do i get rid of it

    Thank you

  • Here’s what i was talking about. where its still there even tho i uninstall antergos. How do i remove that


    Thank you

  • gparted and fdisk can change the name of your disk or partition and you have this prg Disks in Antergos
    see https://wiki.gnome.org/Design/Apps/Disks. keep trying /IW

  • @iwar I’m not talking about the name! I want to remove it from there etc When i go to uninstall antergos its left there. So how do i remove it

  • you can´t either you make a new partition whith a new name or you take the hd out of your computer.
    But my skills maybe to old :-) .iw

  • @iwar I think your not getting the issue at hand here. Has nothing to do with the name or partitioning.

    It has to do with removeing it from the boot entry

  • just disconect the hd and see if it still there.

  • @iwar It is stll there i disconnected it. still there. I know what i have to do to remove it from UEFI. I have to use efimanager to remove it

  • you probably going to hate my advice but i would say start over from scratch. backup your data and format the HD. it sounds like you got a ton of different things going on from all the posts i seen. it just seems really messy.

    starting fresh is always best and doesnt take that long if you have a good backup plan in place.

    im not sure how many OS’s you are using but maybe just start with Antergos by itself. fresh install and see if that can fix many of the issues you are having.

  • @megaman Actully thats a good idea. I did do a fresh install on that HDD drive but thw antergos_grub boot is still there. efimanager will be good i think to remove that.

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