• Openbox log out screen missing icons

    How can I fix this problem? Thanks!

  • I don’t have this issue in my Antergos Openbox VM.

  • @jkw That is odd because I reinstalled Antergos three times trying to fix this issue

  • im missing mine also. there are a few broken links in the openbox menu also.

  • I’ll have a check asap… Openbox uses oblogout to logout xD so, you can have a look at /etc/oblogout.conf to see if there’s something wrong in your setup.


  • @karasu ill check mine out.

  • There was an error in antergos-openbox-setup package.

    Icons were installed in the wrong place. For it to work as it should:

    1. Create a directory called /usr/share/themes/Numix/oblogout
      sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/themes/Numix/oblogout

    2. Move all icons from /etc/oblogout to that folder:
      sudo mv /etc/oblogout/*.svg /usr/share/themes/Numix/oblogout

    I did test myself the Openbox version, I do not understand how I didn’t see this, sorry.


    EDIT: It’s already fixed, so new installs should work ok.

  • @karasu it worked 👍

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