• How do i change the lockscreen wallpaper in antergos

    I tried this method
    [link text]https://www.maketecheasier.com/customize-kde-lock-screen/(link url)
    Those locations weren’t right. so i figured out where that place was in

    Then i opened that up to put the location of my file like it said. like this “Example.png”

    But that did not work please help if anybody know how to change the lock screen wallpaper

    Thank you

  • You should be able to change it from within KDE System Settings. Have you tried it?

  • I seem to recall that I had to pick a file in a location that was readable by all users. I couldn’t get it to work when picking something from my home directory.

  • @lots.0.logs And how would i do thaat?

  • System Settings --> Desktop Behavior --> Screen Locking

  • I thought i was in the screen locker and did not see an option for that. I will check again tho

  • @noobforever That spot is wrong. Its in “Display and Monitor” Screen Locker. But there is no option to change the wallpaper

  • @lots.0.logs Yes i have u can’t do it. if u show me screenshot to help me maybe i missed something

  • @growlinwolf -

    Please see the attached, which is at System Settings – Desktop Behavior --> Screen Locking


    You just click the icon next to “Custom Background”.

    However, it has occurred to me that I just assumed you were on Plasma5, which is likely not a safe assumption. So if you are on KDE4 then it makes sense that you are not seeing the same thing.

  • @noobforever That’s plasma KDE I’m running KDE4. oops sorry i thought that was in the description my fault. No wonder i was so confused

  • @growlinwolf said:

    @noobforever That’s plasma KDE I’m running KDE4. oops sorry i thought that was in the description my fault. No wonder i was so confused

    No worries, sorry for assuming! :-)

  • @noobforever That was the default KDE when i installed antergos. Is plasma 5 better and stable would u say

  • I think many people would say Plasma 5 is still not mature enough. However, while I did have some issues with 5.1 and 5…2, I’m finding 5.3 to be pretty great, and have no complaints.

    I haven’t noticed any bugs personally, though I’m not going out of my way to look for them - I’m sure there are some, since there always are. :-)

    I like it better than KDE4, but I don’t want to be responsible for suggesting for you to switch to it, if you have a bad time with it - so I’d suggest searching these forums or googling regarding Plasma 5.3 and see what you think. Plasma 5.4 is due shortly, but I don’t know exactly when.

    IIRC KDE4 is going to be deprecated very shortly in any case. (Though I suspect it will persist in the Arch repos for some time.)

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