• Installed plasma 5, usable but with bugs

    well I took the leap and removed kde4 and installed plasma 5.
    I am going to try to use it till it becomes stable or it is just to buggy, then I will switch over to Cinnamon and wait for it to become more stable.
    Of coarse plasma 5 has its issues but it is a bit more stable than it was a few months ago.
    If anyone decides to try it be advised it is not ready for a production machine.
    The change was somewhat easy even for me and I have not been using linux that long and only a third of that time using an Arch distro.
    As long as I am using it I will try to keep others informed of how its going.
    Any way I hope to be using Antergos a long time, it just feels like I may have found a landing spot in my linux journey.

  • What were the issues you were occurring for it to not be usable for you?

  • @Wyn There is nothing that is a major issue yet.
    There are a few render issues with some buttons, in the system settings in startup and shutdown options will not save, the panel when set to windows can cover does not work correctly. That is all I have found so far.
    Those issues are in the Kde desktop and not Antergos I think because they were also present when I tested out Manjaro Kde.
    I do not think any of those issues make it unusable, but I think the Kde team will get it worked out.
    I hope it will be rock solid like Kde4 eventually.

  • If anyone else is switching over here is the fix for the volume control widget
    sudo pacman -S kmix
    This will also remove kdemultimedia-kmix which is the kde4 widget otherwise the kmix widgets will be in conflict.

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