• Antergos on MacBook pro 8,1 external 500G drive and dual boot

    I am an old true beginner and I have now 2 old pc-systems running Antergos. They were both too slow to run Windows 7 but now they run KDE-plasma pretty smooth!

    I want to install Linux (Antergos) on my work computer, a MacBook Pro 8,1 (just pre-retina). I have made a fusion-drive on it and got rid of the internal dvd. I have all my music programs and music-files for work on it and I don´t want to break the fusion-drive (works very well) so I want to use an external 500G usb-disk. It is enough to be able to boot with “the option-key” option! Is that possible?
    I have been reading about installing on MacBook pro for a couple of days and the big problem there is dual-booting.
    I have installed rEFInd on the Mac side but the commands will not take. There is also a program for Mac called rEFIt but it will not install.

    I hope someone has a little mercy with and old man.

  • Hello again.
    I got a little desperate yesterday and reinstalled everything with rEFInd on both sides and now I can boot into arch!
    Sorry to bother but I had no idea that I was able to solve these kind of problems !
    Next thing to fix is wifi with bcm4331 rev2.

  • Hello again.
    Now I have the BCM4331 rev2 wifi working! I have noticed that the biggest problem is to be able to choose the right information because there are many “home-made” guides and most oto f them are too old.
    Before someone try to follow a relevant guide one must have all the right software and commands installed.

  • This is for the moderator.

    I am sorry for wasting too much space here on this eminent forum!
    The only thing that is a small bother with the Ant-on-macbook-system is the trackpad. I have not been able to get it to work as well as on Mac OS X by far.
    If someone has it would be nice to hear how.

    A couple of days later.
    I have installed Antergos on another mac, a macbookpro 11,1 and because of retina it was harder. Xfce and LXDE works ok out of the box. In LXDE the trackpad works almost perfect right away on both macs. It´s an old friend of mine who was curious of my new interes. I must say that rEFInd is a great tool and you can´t go wrong with that!
    I can recommend mac-users to try Antergos! On a mac it is super-fast and booting under 5 seconds!
    Trackpad is still a problem on both MacBooks. First I tried “mtrack” and read about that in arch-wiki. After following every detail the computer wouldn´t even boot! I took time to fix that. The “arch-people” sit very high on their horses but when it comes to “Linux-on-Mac” some guessing is involved.
    The best solution so far is synaptic-git and that is what I am using now but it still needs some configuration.

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