• Mapping wacom tablet buttons, in configuration panel

    Well I went distro hopping for a while and learned a whole lot of stuff.
    I can honestly say that Antergos is a really good distribution.
    Some of the distros I tried just would not work at all and some of them just seemed like garbage.
    So glad to be back on Antergos.
    So anyway I got most everything setup and working the way I want except for my wacom tablet.
    I have installed kcm-wacomtablet, libwacom and xf86-input-wacom.
    My wacom works but when I go into the system settings to map the buttons it is not there. I can configure my stylus from the panel but the map buttons configuration is missing. In the select tablet dropdown menu it says unknown waltop device, so it sees the device just not correct one.
    If anyone can help it would be great.

  • Hi,

    I do not use a wacom tablet, so this is just guessing, but do you have installed xf86-input-libinput and libinput packages?

  • @karasu I will check and see if I did that thanks.

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