• Antergos makes top 10 best desktops


    they seem to make these things about everyday :bowtie:

  • I honestly miss Manjaro and Fedora on that list. :p

  • ya Fedora seems to hit almost every list. i see antergos showing up more and more :bowtie:

  • It is the nicest thing I ever had… allthough somethings do come as a surprise to you like the fact that you can install dpkg with the click of a button for Antergos. When comming from another distro and liking life easy you don’t always remember that you might go into trouble. To me Antergoes has the best of all worlds. I find it strange that it doesn’t get more hits per day at distrowatch. should not be 46 more like top 10 IMHO.

  • I use dpkg for a printer that would otherwise be paperweight.

  • @Jakob-Greve it should easily be much higher on distrowatch.

  • The reason Antergos doesn’t get hits is the word ARCH scares many new users of, only when they muster up courage and discover wonderful world of Arch via Antergos, they are fans.

  • @Arup Arch is quite popular so I don’t buy into that. Allthough it could be the userfriendlyness of Antergos that scares off people.

  • @Arup-Roy-Chowdhury Arch is always high on the distrowatch list.

  • Arch is number 10 yes, the fact is most who go for Arch do it the plain way, Antergos is the most friendly way to Arch introduction but that crowd goes to Ubuntu and MINT.

  • @Arup-Roy-Chowdhury i think a lot of people are just comfortable with the Ubuntu system. it was many users 1st linux distro. i know it was mine.

    i think they do a great job over at linux mint. giving users the desktops they want. i think Arch is for more advanced users because of all the updating constantly. i probably wouldnt install it on a new user of linux pc. something like Ubuntu or Mint would be a good starting grounds.

  • To new linux users i install Linux lite.

  • For those who need a functional distro with LTS I recommend and deploy Ubuntu here. This is used in places where they need minimal work intervention and just would like to use their PCs for other work so at the univ I deploy that as well as labs, offices etc. For those that need to learn Linux its Arch or Gentoo and nothing else.

  • @Arup-Roy-Chowdhury you wouldnt use Mint over Ubuntu? both have LTS

  • @megaman Ubuntu LTS, MINT is good but I do enterprise as well so Ubuntu it is.

  • @megaman I know you asked this to Arup, but I’m gonna speak my views anyway.

    I’d use Zorin over Mint anyday :p
    and Ubuntu over Zorin or any other linux distro. (When suggesting to some newbie)

    I have used tons of distros, and I still feel like if Ubuntu wasn’t the first distro that I had tried, I wouldn’t be here today in linux world… :)

  • Also MINT is based on Ubuntu.

  • Why is Antergos not higher?

    I would say a big contributing factor is the fragmentation of Linux. It takes a LOT of time and effort to ‘find’ the distro you like best.

    I have abandoned Windoze only about a year ago and have been ‘wandering the wilderness’ of distros for months. The fragmentation is a big, big resistor in people coming to Linux, and a big, big resistor for people finding/stumbling across the ‘good’ distros.

    There is the ‘choice’ argument Linux devotees love so much. But coming to Linux is like the first time you buy lingerie for your wife. You think you know what you want, then when you are in the shop you are a bit bewildered and feeling like an amateur, you have little idea, so you just pick something a bit random, it probably doesn’t fit or work that well, and only on about the 5th time do you really walk away with something that actually works in all manners required. Up until then, all you have is semi-disappointment.

    Oh, and your installer needs to be super-robust. Installer bugs scare people away quick smart.

    Arch release bugs are always going to bite you guys in the arse, no?
    I presume that is why Manjaro curated their own repos.
    Maybe some sort of notification system pushed into pamac would be an excellent compromise. Seriously, you can’t expect most normal people to go to a web-site every time and check for ‘breaking news’. Put the info there in front of them when the update tool comes up. Think like a user, not a developer…

    Some feedback from a new, paid up user. Yes, I made a donation even!

  • P.S. Make a distro that doesn’t silently install crapware that the user may not want.

    Do that and you should stand out from the crowd!

    Case in point - Why the heck are Pidgin and Transmission included by default? If I want it I will install it. Make it easy to install.
    Image Viewer is borderline, but easier to justify.
    Don’t make me waste my time uninstalling it after you wasted my time silently installing it. That is super-frustrating.

    You’ve set a pattern with the Libre installer. I say more of that sort of choice… Maybe a sub-item in the menus somewhere like “Install extra software” with direct links to install the most common dozen or so items.

    Anyway, just some extra thoughts. Cheers.

  • Why the heck are Pidgin and Transmission included by default?

    These two are for historical reasons. What I mean is that in Cinnarch (made originaly by @Faidoc) a bittorrent client (transmission) and a chat app (it wasn’t pidgin, I do not remember which one it was at the time) included these two, and as we think they’re used by quite a lot of users we decided to continue including them. Of course we can be wrong…

    We also include an image viewer, a video player, and a web browser just for the same reasons. We want to offer an OS with some basic apps already installed, so the system is ready to run. We don’t want to become a bloatware distro, but we’re not Arch, either.

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