Just found this discussion @ Phoronix: http://www.phoronix.com/forums/forum/phoronix/latest-phoronix-articles/818449-arch-based-antergos-refreshed-installer-overhaul

Relevant passage:

“Like Arch, Antergos uses a (soft) real-time Linux kernel by default, so battery life & multi-threading performance is going to suffer compared to sane distros like Ubuntu or Fedora. (…)
Type ‘uname -a’ into a terminal and see if You can find “PREEMPT” there. if positive, that means Your Linux kernel will preempt (think of it like freezing) itself to allow other tasks (like interrupts from hardware or user-space apps) to complete THEORATICALLY faster. Only problem with that is of course that all the rest of the system has to suffer for it, which makes sense, since there is no free lunch. This especially becomes noticable when You look at the frame-latency during games.”

What do you think?