• Minor problem with gui package updater.

    So I was running the few updates + an update for Spideroak. Everything went swift except Spideroak. With Spideroak I had a hard time skipping the menus answer no for instance. When it asked for my sudo password I’d enter the first char then the text window would do a line-break and say wrong password times three. Doing the procedure again and again I was to generate the package and get to the do you want to install prompt, but i had no way of answering. I tried closing the gui-updater and start over a few times - Same thing couldn’t give input at the final step. I noticed that the graphical indicator bar was moving rapidly (faster than normal) during the process. rebooting and running the gui updater took care of this minor bug… I came from a cold boot, when I first encountered the problem.

  • The problem persists this time with Google Chrome. I have a hard time entering my password, and when i succeed I can’t answer yes. I need to reboot the system and go through the process again, then I can install the package. This seems to apply only to the packages I’m used to getting from seperate repos like Spideroak and Google-chrome allthough I have no idea if that’s actually a denominator of some kind.

  • Hi,

    I suppose you’re referring to pamac. Pamac is a graphical tool that manages updates. It’s not made by Antergos devs, so I’m afraid you won’t have your problems solved here.

    You can try to post your findings here: https://github.com/manjaro/pamac/issues


  • Ok thanks I had absolute no idea that pacman was also a gui. I thought the gui front-ends were always named differently. Anyways pacman got updated recently so I will let it rest for now. Thanks for helping out on this one.

  • i wish they would change the name of pamac. it always confuses people.

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