• Linuxtracker.org as torrent source

    My name is Kenneth and im a user / moderator and uploader on Linuxtracker.org.
    Im trying to support Linux distributions by uploading their distros to Linuxtracker.org and seed them.
    I have a seedbox and theres others on Linuxtracker doing so!

    I can see you already are using torrents so i would like to ask if you would be interested in using Linuxtracker.org as only torrent announce? We will add seedboxes and this is completely free!

    I have with great success got: Chromixium, Chalet OS and Mangaka on Linuxtracker.org and they are using the .torrents on their sites!

    Please let me know if this has interest.

  • Jeez and I thought web seeds taking all my peer’s was bad enough :P

    I’ve added your tracker to my seedbox if that’s fine for you. The more the merrier!

  • I dont like those guys either ;)

    It was more if the Antergos devs maby would have interest in only using Linuxtracker.org :)

    and thanks for jumping on the torrent :)
    the more seeders the better speed overall :D

  • It was more if the Antergos devs maby would have interest

    I’ll ask the other members and get back to you, thanks for your offer!

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