Hi I’ve disabled my update notificator from startup desktop.png. What I’m asking for is if theres a smarter way of recieving update notifications, say notify me for Mate Catalyst kernel alsa etc. know this is stuped since some packages could be critical but nice feature to have since my system appears stable and i see no reason for updating every day.

My main question though tricky is is there a way to set up update notifications nicer. I’m no programmer so what I’m asking is probably over the top but it would be nice if the wheel didn’t turn red when there’s updates. I like the steel wheel since it doesn’t bother me. If you could have the same steel wheel showing the number of updates when theres any (+10+20+90 could be a possible solution to avoid larger numbers).

The red wheel reminds me of Fedora Core way back in time when it had bugs or missing dependencies. It’s draws your attention and I’d perfer to avoid that.