• Stupid question on registration (color ...)

    Never saw such a stupid registration. It asks for a color … of what? In which language? Of course in “english”. A few tries later (always had to fill out the field values again) I hit it …

  • I don’t think it’s our fault, this type of registration widgets are a bit stupid, just to prevent machines to be able to login.

    What I mean is that I feel you. I’ll ask Dustin (lots.0.logs) about it, as he is the web manager, but I’m not sure there’s anything that can be done.


  • I tried various colors, but nothing worked. I finally noticed there are alternate ways of registering, so I used one.


  • This is very damaging. I know people to whom I proposed antergos and who left because they could register.

  • Even a dum Swede manage to see the colour after a few try.

  • So how did you manage to see it?

  • I asumed jt was the background color an the advertising at botten purple

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