• Mouseover thumbnail in Dolphin broken

    after some updates mouseover thumbnails left in Dolphin (KDE 5.3.2),
    instead of,
    there is shown a small process idle animations-icon.
    Any idea to fix this? For what i have to look for?

  • I use Antergos KDE with plasma 5.
    After checking desktop-search -yes, thumbnails are shown. But there’s something new with ffmpegthumbs, need to use (aur) ffmpegthumbs-git. But i doesn’t. ( I’m always little worried about security using aur. )
    All in all its not so essential anyway.
    Several surprises will come soon, i think. Probably i have to install & set-up Antergos new, since the plasma 5 and kf5 transform stuff is gone.

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