• Chromium patch pipelight? step-by-step

    Hi I’m new to Antergos,

    can anyone give me a step-by-step guide on how to patch chromium?


    I’ve never really worked with patches and have no build experience apart from alsa, xmms, and a browser but that was sh so basicly execute and run.

    Also is there an easy way to import your bookmarks from your Google login to your Chromium browers or should I use google-chrome for that?

  • The Opera legacy browser still has support for NPAPI but overall it’s a sad thing to resolve to so if anyone has any experience with building and patching Chrome highly appreciated. I use pipelight for analysing level2stockquote patterns I know there’re other ways but it’s free it works and it serves it’s purpose.

    To have a browser thats upgradable/maintanable but supports legacy plugins is a need to me

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