• Dual Monitors

    I have antergos cinnamon edition installed, i also have two monitors set up but was wondering how do i set it up as two differnt monitors for example i want two different wallpapers on each monitor.

    Any help appreciated, Thank you All

  • You should check the Xserver documentation. They have explicit instructions on how to set up multiple monitors for pretty much any case. For instance, when I want to use my TV via HDMI as a monitor, I use “xrandr --output HDM1 --mode 1360x768 [*]”

    *: Here you can put the options for the display, to determine if this is going to mirror some other screen, or if it will be right/left of some screen, and what kind of content will be displayed here.

    Just run:
    man xrandr. For quick descriptions and list of available options.
    X (capital x) --help (as root). For a complete list and a quick overview of the service.

    If you’ve aver used CLI for configurations before, it will be a piece of cake.
    Cheers. :)

  • Hi,

    I also recall that the proprietary drivers handled this better than the open ones, but this may have changed… just in case you can’t setup it, it’s worth a try.


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