• Unable to update pamac due to invalid PGP key.

    I can install any other update, but pamac. This is the error I receive, any advice on how to update?

    invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature):

  • Is it just Pamac that’s failing?

  • @Rolando-E.-Rolon Correct. I can uncheck Pamac and update everything else.

  • I’ve never used Pamac before, but I suggest you check the docs. Maybe there’s a command for CLI that allows you to skip PGP checking.

  • @Farside said:

    I can install any other update, but pamac…

    pamac comes from [antergos] repository:

    $ yaourt -Q pamac
    antergos/pamac 2.3.3-3

    Try to refresh Antergos keys. It might help to solve the problem with pamac.

  • Hi,

    Try this,
    rm -R /var/lib/pacman/sync
    pacman -Syuf

    or Reset all the keys
    rm -r /etc/pacman.d/gnupg
    pacman-key --init

  • @just And that will do it. Thanks!

  • @Farside Huh, I lost myself among recent threads. Not sure, what are you referring to 😄 . Anyway, thank you for marking the topic as [Solved] 👍 .

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