• Question regarding multiple drives as well as desktop environments.

    Hey everyone, linux noob here. Recently decided to install an antegros dual boot alongside windows 10 on my SSD in light of the recent hullabaloo around microsoft’s alleged data logging and other egregious spying measures.

    My history with linux is pretty narrow. I’ve dicked around with mint and elementaryOS in the past on old laptops I have lying around, and more recently I actually got an arch install with awesome WM up and running on an old laptop I had. I am somewhat competent with CLI and have a pretty basic understanding of how to do things through the CLI.

    Anyway, having played with Arch in the past and loving the AUR, I opted to use Antegros.

    I have 3 drives total, a 120gb SSD for the operating systems I use, a 1000GB drive for media, and a 320gb drive for programs. How would I go about making it so when I use pacman or yaourt to get stuff from the arch repos that it downloads to my 320gb drive? All of the arch installation is based out of a 30gb partition on my SSD and since I’m working with limited space, I’d only like a few packages on my SSD and the majority of them the end up on the 320gb HDD. Anyone know how I’d go about doing this? Thanks.

    Also, this is probably a newbish question but try and bear with me. I really like how the DE’s come out of the box when installing Antegros. I’ve also noticed that all of the DE’s offered during Antegros’ installation come pre-themed and tweaked with Antegros in mind. How would I go about getting these pre-themed and tweaked versions of DE’s and use them alongside the default gnome? I have the default Antegros Gnome installed right now, but I’d like to try the version of KDE as well as Cinnamon that was offered during installation as well.

    I apologize if the questions I have asked have been answered before, feel free to point me in the right direction if I’m missing something in plain sight.


  • @usertron 320gb for programs? wow! 😯

    im not sure you would want to install the DEs side by side. if you just want to try them out i would run them in a virtualbox.

    we are looking in to possibly giving some more previews and screenshots of the other DEs so people can take a look before downloading.

  • Well, I’d like to be able to just install it, select it at login and see how I feel about it. I have lots of space and pretty good system resources at my disposal so I’m not too concerned with that aspect of it. If I don’t like it I could just get rid of it and keep what I already got.

    Any ideas as to how I would do that? I’d like to be able to get the DEs that antegros has already touched up, as opposed to just the vanilla versions if that’s at all possible.

  • Hi,

    I have the default Antegros Gnome installed right now, but I’d like to try the version of KDE as well as Cinnamon that was offered during installation as well.

    At this moment I’m afraid that doing what you want is not possible, you need Cnchi (the Antergos Installer) to do the setup for you. The only one that’s available as a package is the Openbox Installation (antergos-openbox-setup).

    Here are the KDE setup files we use (no package available):

    And I’m working on Enligthenment these days, but it’s not finished.

    I’m planning to make packages for all these configurations, but I’m afraid it will take some time.

    Your best bet is to install a VM (like virtualbox), and try the different DE’s there, then choose the one you like the most.


    P.S. If you still want to try it by hand, you need to copy the files from the locations I gave you to the correct folders in your home user directory. It’s not that hard, but you must know what you’re doing.

  • I can’t see the problem. Maybe KDE or Gnome would not install nicely, I noticed missing parts when installed upon an existing DE, but I got Enlightenment installed with no major issues under Antergos.
    You could just start testing, preparing a roll-back image of your system recovery in case something goes terribly wrong.

  • Sorry, I misunderstood you question. Ignore the first post.

    I believe you can redirect your system’s data to a diferent location, but it would be too much work to set it up, since the directory structure must be the same as the original. Is not a viable option.
    What I believe you can still do, is make an ext4 partition from your bigger drive and append it to the system’s one. I’ve done that succesfully with NTFS partitions, but I guess I should be pretty much the same with others.
    You must know there’s a risk in doing that. But is definitely a much faster way to solve your problem.

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