• Mouse/keyboard intermittently fails during installation


    I’m having mouse/keyboard errors during installation. I cannot click on any of the menus unless I unplug and re-plug my mouse in. Then, it will only work until I press something on my keyboard. In order for the mouse to work again, I need to unplug it and re-plug it in. It doesn’t matter if I use the same port or not.

    I’m using a MAD CATZ RAT3 mouse and a Coolermaster Novatouch TKL keyboard. I have an ASUS Z97i-plus motherboard and an intel i5 4690k. Graphics card is a RADEON R9 390, if any of these specs help.

    I have Windows 10 installed on a separate SSD. I’ve turned off secureboot, VT-D, I’ve enabled full initialization during boot and tried every USB setting the BIOS i could think of. Has anyone else encountered this issue? I was having this issue on an Arch Linux installation as well, but I was able to get through installation since it was all done via keyboard.

    Thank you!

  • I found an even worse issue. My peripherals didn’t respond at all by the time LightDM showed up. Unfortunately, no solution was found.

  • Same issues on Ubuntu and Antergos… definitely a hardware issue. I wonder if my Radeon R9 390 is the culprit. The drivers are telling me I’m running an R9 290. Maybe there’s a conflict somewhere…

  • Is not a hardware issue. I hate Ubuntu, so it’s been like 5 years since the last time I used it. But now I have Manjaro, and works with no problems.

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