• [SOLVED]Lightdm problem

    Hi there,

    I installed i3wm on my system.
    But now my lightdm greeter is a blank black screen with a white dialog box, and I can input the password, I can not change the DE, I had MATE install also.

    How can I recovery my lightdm to the default of antergos?

  • It should let you choose your DE. There’s a combobox on the lower left part of the main center dialog that allows you to do it.

    Perhaps you could post here a screenshot of what you’re seeing so it’s clearer for us to understand your problem.


  • You could also take a look at lightdm-webkit-theme-antergos page on GitHub here . Once on the page, scroll down to Installation section.

    In very simple and clear way it explains how to install (or reinstall, if needed) the theme, on Antergos, Arch, other distros.

    In short, it says that on Antergos it’s enough to reinstall the theme with pacman. Did you try it?

  • @just Thank you. I did it!

  • @I-sty Thank you for the feedback and for marking the topic as [Solved]. Much appreciated.

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