• Centralized Management Possible?

    I love and use Linux for my personal computers, but by no means am I a Linux admin…

    That said, I have a client with 27 machines that they wanted “cleaned up.” The machines all have Windows XP on them, and have Vista Business stickers on them… Needless to say, I will NOT be clean installing XP on them, nor will I do Vista because… well, it’s Vista. The machines are to be used to allow teenagers to access the internet and type office documents, etc. Since they don’t have licenses for a modern OS, I think a Linux distro of some sort would be a good solution for them and also help alleviate their concerns for malware.

    That said, is there some sort of way to manage the updates of these machines centrally? This particular wing of the business is not on a domain and they apparently do not have on site IT staff. Since most of the machines are identical, I hope to clean install on one, image it, pass the image to like machines, then change the hostname on each on. I plan to add an admin account and a limited student account for student use. But what about updates, etc?

    Any ideas or thoughts on the subject greatly appreciate. I don’t anticipate any long term involvement on our end, I am just thinking ahead a bit to see if there is a way to automate updates. Or perhaps they’ll be just fine sitting there without 'em…

  • Hi,

    See what Clonezilla can do for you.

    If you use a Debian based distro, you can setup a central repository and setup the other machines to download from that repository instead of Internet (like a proxy for deb files)

    In Antergos (and Arch), the easiest way is to share the directory /var/cache/pacman/pkg to the clients using NFS.


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