• How do I start the "Screenshot" app from the terminal?

    I have just typed Screenshot, but it says “bash: Screenshot: command not found”. How can I start it from the terminal?

  • Why do you never specify a DE you’re asking about?

    • mate
      mate-screenshot --interactive

    • cinnamon
      gnome-screenshot --interactive

    • gnome
      gnome-screenshot --interactive

    • kde
      ksnapshot -caption %c

  • Use Shutter. Is simple, yet extremely powerful. And you can leave it running in the background, it sits in the system try.
    I use it, and make it run at startup, so it’s always there for me. Also, if you use Cinnamon, it already packs a screen recorder (really awesome and lightweight -Ctrl+Alt+R-) and a screen capture utility. Just check in the settings for the keyboard shortcuts.

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