• Telegram-desktop aur package fails to build

    Hi All,

    I’ve been using Antergos Gnome now for a while and one of my favourite applications is Telegram.
    Lately the telegram-desktop AUR package has failed to build declaring a lack of space after about 15mins of build time. I have cleared the tmp files but to no avail.
    I’ve attached a screenshot of the error.
    I have an i7 quad-core laptop with 8GB of memory
    I realise this an AUR issue but if anyone has any knowledge here regarding the problem, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks.Telegram-desktop-fatal-error.png Telegram-desktop-fatal-error.png

  • @Yash Thanks, man.
    I always wondered what Cutegram was as it always came up when I searched the Antergos-Gnome package manager for Telegram! Guess we need something that allows program discovery a bit like (but much better than) the much maligned Ubuntu Software Centre!

    All that Cutegram needs (from my perspective) is an option to scale the display up as in the default client. I’ve upped the font size a little but other aspects of the UI remain at the original setting - I have a 15.6" 1080 screen. Also I get a little ripple effect when scrolling with “smooth scrolling” enabled in full-screen - but this may be something to do with my Intel graphics chip.

    All in all, though, Cutegram is a much better experience than the official client :-)

    Thanks very much.

  • I usually download the latest bundle from their web, and add the path to the file to the rc.local so it starts on boot. Never had problems with it, and it works just fine. I can’t understand why you want to install it, there’s no benefit.
    By the way, I’m @r_r_e_designs. We could chat someday. :)

  • Cool! I guess my habit is to install :-)
    I do run some programs, like Papyrus, “locally”, if that makes sense, and create launcher icons with Alacarte but it never quite looks right on a Gnome3 desktop.

    I’m @siabost9deas on Twitter, strangely enough :-)

  • LOL…is funny. I created a Twitter account like 4 years ago, and never logged in even once… :D

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