• [Windows 7][dual boot] EFI partition checklist parameter does not get checked even after creating a required partition

    Sorry to revive this thread but I’m in the exact same situation and could do with some guidance.
    So, on sda I have Windows 7 and Ubuntu - both BIOS/MRB I am assuming as there’s no /boot/efi or /boot partitions.

    My plan was to nuke the Ubuntu partitions (/ and swap) and install Antergos in its place…but I am stuck with the EFI checkbox issue the OP mentions. As some other posters suggest, when booting from the Antergos Live USB I am selecting “UEFI USB” but only because no other option is available (I’ve searched the BIOS for options concerning Legacy)

    I also I have an sdb which I’ve tried to install to install Antergos on and then use BIOS to pick boot but this didn’t work? When I disabled booting from sda it just told me there was no valid disk to boot from.

    Any assistance would be good - losing my Windows install is reaaaallly unappealing :(

  • I’m not sure if this will work as a workaround, but i have a CD burned with Plop Boot Manager, witch allow to boot from USB (in my case, i have a computer that only boot from CD, so using this CD later i can boot the USB).
    Then, perhaps, you guys can boot the Antergos USB using legacy mod, even if the pendrive is not listed on BIOS.
    Well, i haven’t tested for that, just to install Mint from USB on a pc witch only boot CDs.
    If you want to check the developer’s site:

    OBS: need to burn a cd with the .iso image

  • Hi,

    I don’t know why you can’t boot the USB in legacy mode… but that is what you want (as your Windows was installed in legacy mode).

    What I know is that when you boot in UEFI mode, Cnchi (antergos installer) will ask for a /boot/efi partition (it has nothing to do if you have windows preinstalled or not). Cnchi does that because it understands that if you’re booting in UEFI mode, that is your intention for the next boots (and without a /boot/efi partition the system wouldn’t boot).

    Check your BIOS, it must be a way to boot from an USB in legacy mode.

    Hope this helps a little.

  • I had the same problem and I reformatted windows to be on a UEFI GPT partition… just an idea if you’re willing to backup and reformat windows

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