• Antergos On Asus UX305?

    Anyone have any luck getting Antergos up and running on an Asus UX305? Currently have Antergos running on an Acer C720 but obviously limited with space and RAM. Been running Antergos on this setup for almost a year and loving it so just wanted to upgrade a bit.

  • @bazini2880 Hi,
    I have Antergos installed on an Asus T300LA. I started with Gnome and I use now KDE Plasma desktop. Beside the touchpad for which I have not succeeded to change its parameters (but it works in overall), everything else works out of the box.
    To me, it should work on your machine as well. Maybe you could check the Arch wiki as well ?

    Enjoy your upgrade ! 😉

  • Hi,
    to be more precise, what doesn’t work :

    • the multi-finger gesture on the touchpad
    • the special keys like backlight adjustment but the sound control one works (volume up & down)

    The rest works out of the box. My CPU is an i5-4200U with 4Gb ram

  • @squid-f Thanks for the info.

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