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    Are there any plans in antergos’ future for an enlightenment desktop?

    I’m an inveterate distro hopper. Somewhere in the past two or three years, I started following Enlightenment in my hopping. I am, right now, installing antergos in a VM, and I see desktops I like, but no Enlightenment.

    I’ll have to see a path toward E, before I install antergos to my hardware.

    Currently, Sparky Linux resides on my SDD - but that is subject to change.

  • Yes, it definitely will be Enlightentment in our future releases. The installation process is done, but we still need to write our setup (so it installs with our preferences).

    Be aware though that is not one of the most pressing tasks we have in our ToDo list.


  • @karasu Cool. Last night and this morning, I managed to get a base install of antergos running in a VM. I got Lightdm and E19 installed. I even got E19 configured so that I liked well enough. However, I lack the imagination/skill/knowledge to get a very nice configuration set up. What I have works, but I don’t like it an awful lot.

    I’ll be watching, to see what develops here!

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