• Remove Antergos repositories

    Hi, yesterday I have installed Antergos because I needed a graphic installer to install Arch. Now my question is, how can I remove/disable the Antergos repositories to have only the Arch repositories and to have a plain Arch system?
    PS: I want to mention that it is the first time when I installed an Arch based distro. 🙂 Thanks

  • Just edit /etc/pacman.conf and remove these lines:

    SigLevel = PackageRequired
    Include = /etc/pacman.d/antergos-mirrorlist

    But I do not know why you would want to do this… ¿?

  • @karasu I just want a 100% Arch machine 🙂 Thanks for help

  • Arch is not a machine, a distro, an installer, a subset of repos.

    Arch is the knowledge about Linux.

    The best way to acquire it is to install Arch itself.

  • @just

    I don’t even think doing it once is worth the knowledge anymore in the long-term. If you get get stumped I doubt you’ll remember how you did the process.

    I7 [email protected]/32GB Ram/3440 x 1440 + 1440p/EVGA 1080 FTW/512GB SSD/2TB HD/Antergos Base w/ Plasma

  • Installing Arch to me is about like building a car from scratch… Yeah, you may learn some things, but at the end of the day, if you just go to the dealership and buy a car, you car drive now. You can still tinker, customize, and learn about the inner workings of the car. Some people just want to be the driver and not work at the factory that makes the car.

    Arch has lead to alcoholism for many poor souls… Antergos aims to fix that. Seriously, I like Arch, but that installation method is insane. Yes, it’s well documented, but most people just want to use the dang computer and not read/compile for days and have to visit forums and IRC to get help for the many peculiar situations they come across throughout the installation process.

    My two cents…

  • @Myk-Robinson

    I like Arch, but that installation method is insane

    It’s not that bad, following the same guide over and over is the annoying issue for me (Lots of Vms) 👍 .

    I7 [email protected]/32GB Ram/3440 x 1440 + 1440p/EVGA 1080 FTW/512GB SSD/2TB HD/Antergos Base w/ Plasma

  • I personally have done Arch and Gentoo installations, good learning experience but for mass deployment, its Antergos or no one will ever do Arch.

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