• [WORKAROUND] mate-mint-menu problem and workaround

    The old problem with mate-menu-menu package upgrading represents again. The recent 5.6.4-1 package has a bad signature and can’t be installed:

    (4/4) checking keys in keyring      [########] 100%
    (4/4) checking package integrity    [########] 100%
    error: mate-mint-menu: signature from "Antergos Build Server (Automated Package Build System) <[email protected]>" is unknown trust
    :: File /var/cache/pacman/pkg/mate-mint-menu-5.6.4-1-any.pkg.tar.xz is corrupted (invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature)).
    Do you want to delete it? [Y/n] Y
    error: failed to commit transaction (invalid or corrupted package)
    Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.

    Other packages, besides mate-mint-menu , can not be upgraded as well, because of the failing mate-mint-menu . How to upgrade (and continue upgrading) all of them?

    1. uninstall and don’t use mate-mint-menu until it is corrected
    2. place currently working mate-mint-menu on hold and continue to use it

    If you prefer the second workaround, then all you have to do is to place on hold two packages in /etc/pacman.conf :

    IgnorePkg = python2 mate-mint-menu

    The order of package names in IgnorePkg= instruction is not important. Two packages are placed here because

    1. currently working mate-mint-menu 5.6.2-3 can’t be upgraded to mate-mint-menu 5.6.4-1 because of bad signature

    2. currently working python2 2.7.9-1 can’t be upgraded to python2 2.7.10-1 because mate-mint-menu 5.6.2-3 doesn’t work with the newer one

    Besides these two, all other packages will be regularly upgraded now. On every upgrade the system will issue two warnings, which is normal and expected:

    :: Starting full system upgrade...
    warning: mate-mint-menu: ignoring package upgrade (5.6.2-3 => 5.6.4-1)
    warning: python2: ignoring package upgrade (2.7.9-1 => 2.7.10-1)
     there is nothing to do

    Good luck.


    Seems like the bad signature is part of a wider problem, that affects packages coming from [antergos] repo (from ABS).

  • The issue with mate-mint-menu 5.6.4-1 package signature is solved. It may be removed from the list of packages on hold.

    mate-mint-menu 5.6.4-1 still doesn’t like the recent python2 2.7.10-1 though. If you want to use mate-mint-menu in Mate, stick with python2 2.7.9-1 , by keeping it on hold in /etc/pacman.conf :

    IgnorePkg = python2

    Try to run a simple full system upgrade

    sudo pacman -Syyu

    If there’s still some problem, then totally clean pacman’s cache from all packages first:

    sudo pacman -Scc
    sudo pacman -Syyu

    mate-mint-menu package is at the most recent 5.6.4-1 versino now

    $ pacman -Q mate-mint-menu
    mate-mint-menu 5.6.4-1

    Respect to Antergos team.

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