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    I have a Dell Inspiron N7010 with a fresh Antergos installation. Only problem that Im having so far is related to brightness control of the screen which was not working at all at first.
    Now Im not that newbie using Linux (im used to Ubuntu and Fedora) and Im familiar with this kind of issue. So first I tried what worked before on Fedora for me. Basically I did this. I have the same messages when doing ls /sys/class/backlight/.

    After that now I can control brightness using the backlight -set <number> command, but Fn keys for brightness arent working and Energy settings for turning off screen after X minutes isnt working either which is weird.

    I already tried some suggestion that I found on Arch wiki, but they didnt work for me:
    acpi_osi="!Windows 2012"

    I googled too about another users having this problem (specifically fn keys not working) on Arch/Antergos and I tried some stuffs but no one really helped me and now I dont really know what else to try.
    Im really looking into fix this and maybe this can help other people out there. Sorry for this being long but I tried to put enough info here.

    greetings from Chile!

    PD: This is what xev reports when pressing Fn + [Brightness down], and Fn + [Brightness up. http://pastebin.com/zcbZg16g]

  • I would like to add that problem is happening with gnome.

    Last night I tried xfce4 and brightness keys works. So I guess for xfce4 only adding the lines to 20-intel.conf does the trick.

  • I never could get the brightness keys on my Dell N411Z to work in GNOME. When I first got the laptop I did put a good bit of effort into solving it but after a while I just gave up. Sorry I don’t have better news for you! As far as screen blanking is concerned, you should disable all screen blanking related settings in GNOME Settings and use the Light Locker Settings app to configure your screen blanking preferences.


  • thanks for your time dude !

    That is sad :( I remember Fn keys working on Fedora 21 and 22 with the xorg.conf.d trick. It would be interesting to know what Fedora guys do to get the keys working.

    cheers !

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