• A Couple Suggestions

    Hey everyone! I’m new here…I’ve been a long time Arch user, and just recently discovered Antergos. So far I love it! (I had a few issues with the installer, but it seems like those will be fixed in 0.10, so I’m not worried about it).

    I’m using XFCE and have a couple suggestions though:

    1. Install gnome-keyring by default since it’s needed by nm-applet to connect to a wireless network.

    2. Replace the Applications menu in the default layout with the whisker menu that is now a part of XFCE by default and generally more user-friendly (has a search bar, power icons, etc.) It’s included by default in xfce-goodies since version 4.12

    Other than that I’m having a great time with Antergos. Thanks for an awesome distro!

  • @A-Future-Pilot i dont use xfce but i do like that whisker menu. good suggestion 👍

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