• LIB32-libdn Error message [SOLVED]

    I’m having a problem that started yesterday. It’s an error for lib32-libdn. It’s 1.32-1. When I click on apply in the update manager I get the following error message.

    cannot resolve “libidn>=1.32”, a dependency of “lib32-libidn”

    Any thoughts on how to fix this? It’s the only update I can’t install.

  • Would like to know the same thing, recent Antergos user and the first problem since installing. Thanks!

  • This happened to me as well, and after looking up the package dependency info, it looks like the later version 1.32 is from the repo multilib-testing. In my case, I had multilib-testing enabled but not regular “testing” that the dependency is presumably in, and I just disabled mutlilib-testing and downgraded libpng, the only thing installed that needed to be downgraded

    pacman -Syuu

  • Hi,

    Please, do not use testing repositories. You’ll end up having a lot of problems. Testing repos are only for distro developers and packagers.


  • Appreciate the help guys, everything works fine now.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Thanks everyone. Commenting out the testing repository fixed the problem. cheers.

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