• Stalonetray is blank

    Hey Antergos users,

    I’m on arch setting up a custom desktop and stuck at the system tray.
    The plan is to use stalonetray and cairo-dock on desktop.

    Stalonetray is giving me problems, it just shows up a blank line and no icons, also, no errors in terminal.

    I have systray applications running, they do show up when I use xfce4-panel or gome-panel or tint2 but not in stalonetray, same is the case with cairo-dock’s notification area applet, its blank.
    Although, cairo-dock’s systray is really bad so I dont really care about it.

    Here’s what shows up when I run stalonetray.

    Here’s my .stalonetrayrc

    background "#777777"
    decorations none
    dockapp_mode simple
    fuzzy_edges 0
    geometry 3x1+30+30
    grow_gravity NE
    icon_gravity NW
    icon_size 20
    kludges force_icons_size
    log_level err
    max_geometry 0x0
    no_shrink false
    parent_bg false
    scrollbars none
    skip_taskbar true
    sticky true
    tint_color white
    tint_level 0
    transparent false
    vertical false
    window_layer normal
    window_strut auto
    window_type dock
    xsync false

    I could even use tint2 instead of stalonetray if its possible to only display systray on it.

  • Perhaps you could just make the panel smaller as small as just the system tray. Then you can put the panel at the bottom, right, left or top.

  • @Yash Hi,
    you force icon size smaller than default (24) , acccording to the man page of stalonetray.
    I don’t know whether it is the issue but it might be a starting point…

    Other link that you might know already https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Stalonetray

    Good luck

  • Thanks @herbie and @squid-f

    But Stalonetray didn’t work with forced smaller icon size, still the same.

    I found out cairo-dock’s systray applet after detached from dock works just what I wanted it to work like. also, after detached, systray icons show up (idk how) xD But the problem is solved!

    Cheers! :D

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