• Failed to start loader error on installation.

    When I boot up the system with my USB drive, I get the menu screen. I can only pick the top option. IG I try anything else it freezes. Once I try to install, I get the error failed to start loader. It should be called loader.efi in the current directory. Please enrol its hash and try again. I will now execute hashtool for you to do this.

    So, I do as it says and enrol the hash. I restart but it does the same thing. I have tried it multiple times but it keeps going around in this vicious circle. Any way to fix this? Could the loader efi file be missing from the iso? I got the 64 bit version.

  • The basic steps are?

  • Yeah I’m having this issue too, help would be appreciated.

  • I’m also experiencing the same error. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like a fix has been found.

  • @635 pleasy open a new treat on your issue… if it is similar, link to this one.
    closing here.

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