• Package Dependancy Question.

    For the past few day or so, I’ve been getting the message below about a dependency:

    :: Starting full system upgrade...
    resolving dependencies...
    looking for conflicting packages...
    error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
    :: lib32-libgphoto2: requires libgphoto2=2.5.7

    When I view the version I have installed, it looks like it matches:

    $ sudo pacman -Q libgphoto2
    libgphoto2 2.5.7-1
    $ sudo pacman -Q lib32-libgphoto2
    lib32-libgphoto2 2.5.7-1

    Looks like version is correct to me… I even looked on the Arch Rollback Machine and there is no “2.5.7” its just “2.5.7-1” that I have.

    What am I missing?

  • Join the club. I’m having a similar problem but mine is for lib32-libdn. It’s 1.32-1. When I click on apply in the update manager I get the following error message.

    cannot resolve “libidn>=1.32”, a dependency of “lib32-libidn”

  • cannot resolve “libidn>=1.32”, a dependency of "lib32-libidn"
    The same problem here. Any suggestions what to do?

  • @Anastasiya-Miloslavskaya I think we need to create a separate thread since there are two of us with the same error.

  • @reefland The system upgrade is trying update libgphoto2 to 2.5.8-1 but this breaks the lib32 dependency which requires 2.5.7 exactly. lib32-libgphoto2 has not been updated in AUR and appears to be orphaned, it has been flagged out of date.

    @linux_mark libidn-1.32-1 is in the testing repository, it appears you have the multilib-testing repo enabled, maybe worth checking you have the testing repo enabled too.

  • @ial - thanks - I tacked on an ignore such as

    sudo pacman -Syu --ignore libgphoto2

    And that got me processing updates again.

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