• Authentication Failed Errror [SOLVED]

    Weird error message that started happening yesterday. Every time the update manager told me I had new updates and I clicked on it to install them it would verify the packages and start to pull them down and then give me a “authentication error” message. I have been able to work around them by using the terminal manager, which in my case is Konsole. I haven’t done anything to cause this error. Could it have been caused by one of the packages I installed earlier yesterday? Or was it caused by an Antergos update? Finally, is there a way to correct this or should I just wait to see if it fixes itself and continue installing updates through the terminal?



    (Help me Obi-Won, you’re my only hope. :)

  • Make sure you have lxsession installed and in Settings > Session and Startup > Application autostart that you have PolicyKit authentication checked.

  • Herbie, I hadn’t changed anything and as soon as I mentioned it here the issue was resolved within twelve hours or so. My gut tells me it was something that I downloaded that screwed everything up. Not sure what but all is working.

  • Glad to hear your problem got sorted out but in a way it’s not, since you really don’t know what caused the problem. Anyway, don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth… lol

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